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Modern Witch Tarot Review

Dec 7

The Modern Witch Tarot is a fresh, vibrant, and visually striking deck. The illustrations are cartoon-style and reflect 21st century alternative spirituality. The deck also features a white anemone on Death's flag. With its updated imagery, this deck is a great choice for those who enjoy a modern take on the traditional Rider-Waite tarot. This is one deck you will not want to miss.

The Modern Witch Tarot features a traditional 78-card deck, with one extra card. Its 10 of Swords replaces the traditional 10 of Swords and includes the Everything Is Fine card. The Minor Arcana has four suits, each containing ten number cards and four court cards. Unlike the more common Rider-Waite tarot deck, the Modern Witch Tarot is also designed with realistic-looking humans.

The tarot figures in the Modern Witch Tarot are incredibly inclusive. Each figure is aware of the reader's presence and is completely aware of it. They thrive outside of the gaze of the reader. They are unique self-possessed entities, which create a sense of sacred boundaries that will help the reader understand their own feelings. This is a fantastic new twist on the traditional tarot deck. For a modern-day woman, the Modern Warrior Tarot is the perfect deck to help her discover her own powers and responsibilities.

The Modern Witch Tarot is designed with the tarot deck in mind. The cards are placed inside a slide-out box with artwork that depicts the 'Magician' card. The artwork is detailed and includes intricate magical symbols. The Modern Witch Tarot also comes with a comprehensive guidebook with 56 pages of interpretation. The cover of the guidebook is an intricate rendition of the ten of swords, which was Sterle's inspiration for her art.

The Modern Witch Tarot is a period-specific deck that covers the years 2010-2019. This deck focuses on the power of women in modern society. The Queen and Page are pictured as'she' while the Knight and King are referred to as 'they'. Throughout the Modern Witch Tarot, the Queen is the central figure, and is accompanied by a companion guidebook. The Guidebook is beautifully designed and includes helpful tips for using the cards.

The Modern Witch Tarot is a delightful and engaging deck that is easy to use. The guidebook contains all the information a beginner needs to get started and master the modern witch tarot. The deck comes with a small hardcover companion book. It is packaged in a beautiful box with a velvet baggie. This tarot is perfect for beginners. They can also be used for divination, and the cards are often helpful in predicting future events.

The Modern Witch Tarot is available anywhere books and games are sold. It is ideal for beginners and experienced tarot readers alike. The Modern Witch's tarot is a modern twist on traditional tarot symbolism. The deck is designed to evoke the imagination and tap into the true power of the tarot user. It is a modern way to use the ancient art of tarot.

The Modern Witch Tarot's artwork is a stylish and edgy deck that reflects the modern era. It features a style of artwork that mirrors the style of Pamela Coleman Smith. It is an excellent deck for those who enjoy tarot. The style of the deck is an important aspect to consider when choosing a modern tarot deck. It is essential to choose a deck based on its quality and the look of the images.

The Modern Witch Tarot deck is designed by Lisa Sterle, an artist from Columbus, Ohio. It has a modern, progressive, and colorful outlook. The images in this deck are often edgy and playful. The modern witches also have an appreciation for fashion and a desire to keep their homes and lives beautiful. Despite the modern witches' style, it has a modern slant.

Modern Witch Tarot is a deck that is both accessible and affordable. The deck is a perfect answer to many classic tarot deck problems. Its design is unique and attractive. Its artwork is colorful and makes it easy to read. It is a versatile deck that will appeal to all types of people. It has a broader appeal than the traditional RWS tarot. It is accessible to everyone, including LGBTQ people.