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Hair Salon Near Me in Chilliwack BC

Dec 18

Chilliwack Hair Salon & Hair Extensions Service - Silhouette Spa & Laser

Silhouette Spa & Laser
45540 Market Way #4, Chilliwack, BC V2R 0M5
+1 (604) 858-7546

In Chilliwack BC, hair salon services for women and men are offered by Silhouette Spa & Laser hair salon. Our customers are thrilled for their  experience at our hair salon as they enjoy the atmosphere and the amazing staff and of course, the results they get when they're in our chairs. Our stylists offer haircuts, colour, highlights, and style services. Our prices for our service and products are reasonable. All of our skilled team of stylists are amazing with their hair cuts, and even offer services for children styles and  haircuts. Customers love coming back for foils, color, waxing, hair care,  styling, and are head over heels for the results our stylists help them achieve. The range of hair services we offer our clients are comprehensive.

If you are looking for contemporary hair styles or have a certain look you're looking for, call us or come on in. We offer services like curls, bangs, volume  to match your face shape, help you with length, texture, cut, sides, hairstyles and haircuts, layers, waves, or whatever shape you want your locks. Our women clients are pampered by our stylist team to help with their color, styling, fringe or whatever styles to match your face shape. Call us today or come on in.

Hair Salon & Hair Extension Service by Silhouette Spa & Laser

Silhouette Spa & Laser is a medi spa and laser clinic in Market Way in Garrison Village in Sardis, Chilliwack. They offer various services including, but not limited to, hair styling, haircuts, and hair extension services.

Searching for "Hair Salon Near Me" For Women's Hair Care?

Come in and enjoy a relaxing salon experience. Let one of our fabulous hair stylists transform and freshen up your hair.

The wide range of hair care and services offered at Silhouette include shampoo, cut, style, blow-dry, curl, flat iron, bang trims, and more.

The hair colour services offers include foils, root touch-ups, toning, fashion colouring, balayage/ombre, colour correction and more.

Other specialty hair care services offered are botanical repair treatments with plant-powered formulations to strengthen, repair and protect hair from the inside out. Other treatments help restore damaged and compromised hair to give you healthy, beautiful and shiny hair.

Searching for "Hair Extensions Service Near Me"?

Our nanobead premium human-hair hair extensions are sought after by customers with thin or fragile hair, or those looking to add length and volume to their hair.

Our Nano Link extensions are the newest type of extensions available to our customers. Our customers love that they are durable, reusable, lasts for 1-2 years with care, and can be styled, curled, straightened, or dyed.

When our trained professionals help you fit it correctly, they are safe and discreet, and with regular maintenance and care, it will not cause damage to your natural hair. Our customers love that they don't have to fuss with heat, glue or mess. Visit our hair extensions page for more information.

Searching for "Hair Salon Near Me" For Men's Hair Care?

We are thrilled to serve our men with hair care services like cuts, shampoos and colour services. Visit our hair care for men page for more information.