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Fo Guang Shan Nan Tien Temple in Wollongong

Jan 4

Why visit the Fo Guang Shan Nan Tien Temple in Wollongong

Tourists are always on the lookout for something unique when they travel and this Buddhism-inspired temple is a perfect spot. The architecture here reaches heights that represent centuries of artistry, culture and history in one space - which guests can enjoy without breaking their wallet or conscience thanks to affordable prices! You won't want to miss out at Nan Tien Temple because there's just too much great stuff inside: from grandiose buildings with gorgeous murals telling stories about life lessons learned by our ancestors as well Buddhist festivals celebrating good health through vegetarian cuisine; classes teaching how you may live more peacefully within yourself both now and throughout eternity (or until enlightenment!).

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This historic place stands as one of Wollongong’s most unique accommodation settings with an open year-round policy in addition to being located on temple grounds overlooking both lotus pond scenery as well as rolling hills that surround it across some magnificent escarpment countryside known colloquially among locals simply enough "The Illawarra".

History of Fo Guang Shan Nan Tien Temple

Fo Guang Shan Buddhism, which was founded by and constructed under the auspices of Mahayana Buddhist organization known as Fo Guang Shan. This temple complex is home to one thousand buddhas and currently has 120 branches throughout the world with more than half located in Asia Pacific Region including Taiwan where it originated 67 years ago. The followers strive for Humanistic Buddhism that allows them to represent their faith through life's everyday moments rather than focusing solely on spiritual matters or rituals when practising religious beliefs

Fo Gaang shan Buddhist principles include "non-sectarian" teachings believing everyone can attain Buddhahood whether they are rich or poor; teaching people skills needed not only during death.

Where is Fo Guang Shan Nan Tien Temple and its opening hours

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Due to COVID-19, the open hours of Sri Subramaniya Swamy temple have temporarily changed. The facility will now be accessible from Tuesday through Friday at 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM and on weekends 10 am – 4 pm with no admissions allowed 30 minutes before closing time!

One of the temple proud supporters is:

Name: Decking Wollongong

Phone: 0242630673

Address: 129 Balgownie Rd, Balgownie NSW 2519