All About Alternative Expression Honors Women Technologists With Abie Awards

Feb 2

The winners of the 2020 Abie Awards in five categories were revealed today by, a nonprofit organization committed to connecting, motivating, and advising women in computing and enterprises that see technology innovation as a strategic necessity.

"The recipients of the 2020 Abie Award are paving the way for a future of inclusive technology in which those who design technology reflect the people and societies for whom they are built," stated Brenda Darden Wilkerson, President and CEO of "In addition to their own technological accomplishments, each of the honorees has paved the road for the next generation of female technologists. We're delighted to celebrate their achievements as we work together to develop tomorrow's workforce by empowering today's leaders."


Abie Awards

Winners of the 2020 Abie Awards:

The Abie Award for Change Agents celebrates a remarkable international woman (non-resident of the United States) who has developed or extended possibilities for girls and women in technology. Dr. Jessica Wade, the 2020 Change Agent Winner, is battling gender prejudice one Wikipedia page at a time.

The Emerging Leader Abie Award in Honor of Denice Denton honors a young faculty member who has had a substantial positive influence on diversity via high-quality research. Professor Denice Denton (1959–2006), an engineering faculty member and the first female dean of a school of engineering at a major U.S. research institution, received the award in recognition of her commitment to give minorities a voice and encourage diversity in higher education throughout her life. Dr. Olga Russakovsky is the winner of the 2020 Emerging Leader Award for her work in combating prejudice in Artificial Intelligence via research and mentorship.

The Student of Vision Abie Award recognizes an undergraduate or graduate student who is committed to imagining and building technology that reflects the people and communities for whom it is designed. This student is enthusiastic about cutting-edge technology and encourages others to participate in their development. Pelagia Majoni is the recipient of the 2020 Student of Vision Award for Empowering Zimbabwe's girls to address the country's food supply concerns using technology.

The Technical Leadership Abie Award honors a woman who has led or produced a product, method, or invention that has had a significant influence on business or society. The prize winner exemplifies a dedication to boosting women's participation in technology. Dr. Lisa Su, the winner of the 2020 Technical Leadership Award, is a CEO who took her firm from near bankruptcy to industry leader.

The Abie Award for Technology Entrepreneurship honors a woman who has created an original, ground-breaking, and game-changing technology venture business (within a larger organization or not). Through proactive risk-taking and invention, she takes direct responsibility for converting a concept into a lucrative finished product. She is a strong role model for young women coming up through the pipeline; she translates technology into sustainable businesses, markets, and change. Tracy Young is the recipient of the 2020 Technology Entrepreneurship Award for revolutionizing the way construction uses technology.

Abie Award recipients illustrate that everyone of us, individually and collectively, has the capacity to transform our world via our accomplishments and personal experiences. Each of the five winners will be honored at the Virtual Grace Hopper Celebration in September 2020, when they will also speak. Throughout August, will be highlighting each of these five remarkable people on social media. Visit for additional details. is a website dedicated to Anita B is a 501(c)(3) non-profit social company dedicated to expanding the number of female engineers in the worldwide workforce. works with tens of thousands of women and top companies all around the world to create diverse and inclusive workplace climates. Our company, which was founded in 1997 by our namesake, computer science pioneer Anita Borg, strives toward a future in which the people and society for whom technology is created are mirrored in the teams that produce it.