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Cherry Hill NJ Addiction Center Launches Yoga Therapy Program

Feb 26

Incorporating Yoga into Addiction Treatment

There are a range of techniques and programs available to treat substance misuse and addiction, ranging from traditional to alternative to complementary. A rising number of programs emphasize a "whole person" or holistic approach to rehabilitation that includes a variety of tactics and services. Yoga is a complementary (i.e., it should be used in addition to traditional treatment approaches) health exercise that is often seen as a form of natural therapy. When yoga is combined with other common addiction treatment methods, it may be highly effective.

yoga therapy addiction treatment in New Jersey

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is a physical and mental activity that, when paired with standard therapy approaches, can help with a variety of difficulties, including addiction rehabilitation. Yoga can help you gain the physical strength you need to handle the obstacles of rehabilitation while also improving your mental well-being. Dr. Adi Jaffe's Alternatives treatment facility and IGNTD Hero program are based on yoga, which is a strong and effective technique to heal the body and mind. The following are some of the advantages of yoga, according to Johns Hopkins:

  • Balance and flexibility have improved
  • Pain relief for the back
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Better cardiovascular health
  • Less anxiety & better sleep
  • More energy, and a better mood

How Does Yoga Help Overcome Addiction?

Yoga has the potential to help restore natural equilibrium to different areas of the brain and body that have been harmed by drug use. Yoga has various psychological benefits in addition to its physical benefits. Yoga practitioners become more aware of their bodies, learn to manage their breathing, and pay attention to their bodies as a result of their practice. This can assist people in being more self-aware of how things make them feel while remaining nonjudgmental.

By focusing all of their attention within, people may learn to accept responsibility for how they feel and gain control over themselves and their subsequent behaviors. As a result, they may become more self-reliant and confident. Rather than trying to ignore or give in to cravings, a person may be better able to cope with and control them if they are more physically aware of them when they come.

Yoga can also help individuals feel more energized, eat healthier, and sleep better, which can be interrupted by drug or alcohol withdrawal symptoms. When people improve physically, they are better equipped to handle stress and other issues that may arise during the day. More sleep results in a clearer mind and lower levels of irritation. Physical exercise may also aid with self-image since healthy habits can help with the look of the physical body.

Yoga addiction therapy can also improve the effectiveness of 12-step programs, which are frequently used as a source of support for long-term rehabilitation. Spiritual ideas and a connection to a higher power are at the heart of programs like Alcoholics Anonymous. By quieting outer forces and allowing for uninterrupted self-reflection, yoga and mindfulness meditation can deepen an individual's connection to their higher power. However, individuals who do not desire spiritual connection may benefit from the mental clarity that yoga may provide.

All In Solutions Cherry Hill Yoga Therapy

Chery Hill Addiction Treatment Center, All In Solutions, Offers Yoga Therapy

All In Solutions Counseling Center Cherry Hill now offers a yoga therapy program as part of their holisic and individualized addiction treatment plans. A certified yoga instructor with years of experience working with individuals struggling with substance abuse and mental health conditions will lead group yoga classes at the treatment center several times per week. Paige Hohman of Grace & Glory Yoga, a New Jersey yoga studio with locations in Northfield, Galloway, and Atlantic City, said that she is "excited about the opportunity to bring the physical and emotional benefits of yoga to the South Jersey addiction recovery community." 

All In Solutions Counseling Center Cherry Hill offers outpatient programs (in addition to their inpatient programs) that are convenient for individuals struggling with substance abuse in neighborhoods including Woodcrest, Ellisburg, Barclay-Kingston, Greentree, Society Hill, Springdale, Wexford East, Colwick, Ashland, Willowdale, Windsor Park, and the Golden Triangle. All In Solutions Cherry Hill is also easily accessible for addicts and alcoholics living in Camden, Pennsauken Township, Voorhees Township, Gloucester Township,Haddonfield, Berlin, Mount Ephraim, Winslow Township, Gloucester City, Bellmawr, Linderwold, Haddon Township, Audobon, Pine Hll, Clementon, Stratford, Somerdale, Berlin Township, Mt Laurel Township, Medford, and Moorestown. 

For more information about yoga therapy for addiction treatment in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, contact All In Solutions Counseling Center today or see their latest post at


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