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Pepper Shot Spray 1/2 Oz w/ Visor Clip

Mar 21

This pepper spray is one of our most popular. It attaches to your vehicle's visor, providing pepper protection right where you need it. It has a range of 6-8 feet and contains 6-10 one-second bursts. Pepper Shot Spray with Visor Clip is a good security product.

In a little bottle, the Pepper Shot 1/2 ounce Pepper Spray delivers a tremendous punch. You may knock down your adversary at a safe distance with the 1/2 oz Pepper Shot, which fires 6-10 one-second bursts of 10% Oleorsein Capsicum (3 million Scoville Heat Units) at a range of 8 feet. The device comes with an auto visor clip for convenient storage in your car, as well as a safety lock that prevents the item from accidentally discharging while still being simple to use. Pepper Shot has a Certified Heat Rating of 122,000 SHU, which indicates how hot the spray will be when it comes into contact with your unlucky enemy. This device has a 36-month shelf life and is made in the United States. It has a UV dye that will brand the attacker for law authorities.

Specifications of the product:

3.25" tall with a diameter of 1.25"