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Traveling with Video Equipment - Brightline Bags Inc 1537 4th St #233, San Rafael, CA 94901, United States

May 13

It is known to everyone in this era that video equipment is quite expensive, and hence handling them carefully is much required. For a professional videographer, they are not only tools but also bread and butter for which he needs to display due diligence. For such professionals, the biggest challenge is moving this equipment without having a scratch on them, whether the journey is short or long. Hence, at this juncture, one needs to know how to pack these gears so that they do not have to face any damage and can be of desired use at the destination. Here are some tips that can help one get them packed properly. 

Select the best possible bag: 
The foremost important step is one needs to select the bag that can offer required safety to all equipment such as video camera, lens, lights, mic and batteries. One needs to see that, if possible, all gears must be adjusted in the same bag, or one can go for two different bags where one can be with such fragile gears while another can have mic, batteries, power banks and adopters etc. Hence one can remove the risk of getting all gears damaged with a single mishandling of the bag. One needs to use bubble wrap or any other option while packing fragile items such as lenses, lights, and cameras. Items like batteries, mic and cards can be adjusted anywhere with little less safety also. While packing the speakers, one needs to be highly careful as they may be big in size and vulnerable to any such mishandling easily. Hence one must have a special pack with required instructions about handling the same on it. 

Plan well and arrange the gears accordingly: 
While traveling with video equipment, you must plan the journey well. If you are a casual photographer who loves to click anywhere as per the situation, it is better that you keep the camera handy so that it can be available to you in a few seconds. Suppose you are a professional videographer who needs the camera at the required location only. In that case, you can easily arrange them in a hard case bag or even a cardboard box that can offer required safety to the equipment. If you are going by own car, you can have them kept in the back seat or even in the hatch as per your need if they are arranged with complete safety. If you are to travel by plane, you should adjust the devices in different two bags as per the requirements and keep the camera and such fragile items in a bag with a hard case so that they do not have to face any damage in case of mishandling. 

With a little plan and care, you can offer the best possible safety to your equipment irrespective of type and style of journey. However, it is needed that you properly plan their arrangements and select the right type of case to carry all the equipment safely.