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Using Old Picture Frames In New Ways

May 24

Picture frames aren't simply for photographs and artwork. There are a plethora of creative custom picture framing projects to do that will make your house more practical and appealing. The greatest thing is that these crafts are affordable, and the most of them can be completed in a few of hours.

Add shelves to a bathroom shadow box

Working with an existing shadow box makes this photo frame project simpler to finish, but it's not required. By gluing wood pieces to the reverse of any frame, it may be transformed into a shadow box.

Make a terrarium out of picture frames

It may seem expensive to convert over 10 frames into a terrarium, but it does not have to be. Pick up some cheap frames for a $1 from the dollar shop. Spray paint them a matte color of your choice to make them seem more costly. Use hot glue and duct tape to join the frames together to make a box.

Use a picture frame to hang your jewelry

To turn a frame into a jewelry holder, all you have to do is replace the backing with some form of mesh. For her background, this blogger chose a cloverleaf radiator grill from a nearby hardware shop. Consider spray-painting the frame a vibrant color to complement your current décor for added flare.

Make a layered collage out of many frames

Consider converting a collection of old, empty frames into a large-scale work of art. Using a strong glue and finishing nails, attach the frames in a random pattern. On a huge empty wall or over a couch, the final product will look fantastic.

Make a charging station out of a frame

Who doesn't have many devices that need to be charged? The beauty of this picture frame DIY is that you can charge your gadgets while looking at them upright. All of the cables will be hidden behind the frame and out of sight as an added benefit.

Make a dry erase board out of a frame

Turning a frame into a dry erase board is one of the easiest tasks you can perform with it. Simply remove the backing and replace it with a colorful printed paper or cloth. Then write lists right on the window using dry erase markers.

Make a centerpiece out of a picture frame

A tray is the finest method to anchor a centerpiece on a table. Consider creating your own tray with a frame instead of purchasing one. You can swap out the bottom half of the frame to match the season and different centerpieces this way.

Using twine, make a picture collage

Consider this idea to freshen up an outdated photo frame if all you have is the frame itself with no backing or glass. Distress the frame, then make a rustic picture collage with twine and little clothespins.

To make a key holder, add hooks

There are other methods to attach hooks to a frame to make a key holder, but this one is very creative. Antique trinkets may be collected or antique-style locks can be purchased at a craft shop. In any case, the final product is a fun way to store your keys at the end of the day.