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Stockton Beach

Jun 15

About Stockton Beach

Stockton Beach is an elongated strip of sand that stretches for 32 km (20 mi) along the coastlines near New South Wales, Australia. The area was used by both locals and military personnel alike before World War II when it served as a shooting range; however, after being fortified against possible attacks from Imperial Japanese forces in 1942-43.

Though it is a small coastal community, Stockton Beach residents have access to some of Australia’s most pristine nature and wildlife. The Worimi National Park protects 1,826 ha (4 512 acres) which includes the area surrounding an old shipwreck as well as beaches such at Anna Bay where you can spot dolphins swimming underwater or listless fisherman casting their lines from wooden boats offshore during low tide.

beach at Stockton

What to do in Stockton Beach

The treasures of Stockton Beach are many and varied, with shipwrecks to explore at your leisure. Thisarming beach stretches for 32 kilometres (20 mi) along Australia's North Shore; it was here that trucks carrying soldiers waiting on board would be strafed by machine-gun fire during World War II - a prime location choice if ever there were one! In addition, this shoreline has witnessed much aviation history too--inert planes left behind after training sorties fly overhead or unused bombs dropped into deep water so they may later explode harmlessly away from populated areas.

The beauty of a beautiful beach can be seen from miles away. The last thing you want to do after driving all this way though is just stop and set up camp right away- there's so much more that needs exploring!
The dunes are huge - over 200 campsites with room enough for 4 thousand people at any given time but only if their camping generator works well enough because some generators don't produce power as expected which means we will need plenty else backup sources such as fuel cells or solar panels.

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