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How to Carve a Dragon Head

Aug 10

Carving the dragon to decorate your home or for gifts is a great experience. Dragons come in many parts and the wood carving of the dragon head is no one of them. It can be difficult to decide which part of the dragon to concentrate on. Here are some tips to ensure that the project goes smoothly:

Wood carvings of Ying

Sketch out the design of your dragon head before you start carving it. Include legs, wings and tiny scales to the sides of the dragon's head. Then, use different-sized carving knives to cut away the larger material, and smaller ones to create the lines of detail. Be sure to leave gaps between the horns and closed mouth, as these are easily broken off. For a muzzle, or fangs you can also shave your head. Next, include eyes on the head, located on either side of the face.

There are plenty of options If you're interested in dragons but do not know which style to pick. The wooden dragon head creates a stunning piece of wall art or furniture. It is carved out of suar wood, a sustainable hardwood that is adaptable. The dragon head is delicate and detailed enough to fit onto the furniture piece or hang on a wall. Since each carving is unique there will be slight variations in the finished piece.

Mudiao wood carving

A mudiao is a wood carving in China. Its distinctive style is known as the mudiao style in Chinese. The process begins with selection of a tree trunk, then an array of steps to carve wood into a regular form. The wood can then be cut using different tools, including figures or pictures, and even a three-dimensional design.


Whether you're looking for an original souvenir or an element of Guilin City history, mudiao dragon head wood carving is an ideal choice. Chinese artists use various carving tools to make artistic forms, figures and designs in wood. These works can be two-dimensional or three-dimensional. They can be bought by local artists or ordered online. Two types of mudiao wood carvings are available.


If you're looking for the most beautiful dragon head carving for your home, you're in the right spot. Lazada has a huge selection of top-quality and long-lasting products at the perfect price. This selection of Dragon Wood Carving Decorations includes all kinds of carvings from the most expensive to less expensive options. This piece will be a conversation starter thanks to its beautiful combination of intricate detail and a stunning color palette.

The location is in the center of Beijing, this Ying dragon head wood carving is certain to draw your attention. The carving is breathtaking and clearly shows the artist's attention to particulars. This is an excellent way to welcome the Chinese New Year. You'll be surprised by the variety of styles and designs available! You may be interested in dragon-themed sculptures for your home or interested in their past the piece can bring luck and wealth.

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