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Trash Dump Fayetteville NC - Grunt Life Hauling

Aug 11

For the disposal of commercial or residential rubbish, you need to hire an expert. They also take care of construction debris and offer free estimates as well as same-day pick-up. Do not attempt to take junk off your home by yourself. It is usually hazardous and could pose an health risk for you and your family.

Free quotes

There are several factors to take into consideration when you request a free quote from a junk removal company located in Fayetteville, NC. The cost of a project is determined by three elements that are size, type and volume. The kind of trash you're carrying determines what type of price bracket you're in. Before you hire a hauler, ensure to check the details.

The Solid Waste Division commissioned a thorough study of solid waste to determine the effectiveness of its services. These studies included examining the amount of recyclable material being disposed of in landfills, and comparably Fayetteville Trash Collection Services to the other North Carolina municipalities. This spreadsheet is available to assist you in comparing the services provided by various junk removal companies. The study's documents are available to view to determine which firms are the most efficient in trash disposal.

Same-day service

Grunt Life Hauling, LLC is a veteran-owned business that specializes in trash and junk removal. They can take away construction debris, unneeded furniture, appliances, and much more. They offer affordable pricing and same-day service. In addition, they recycle the materials, which can later be donated to local charitable organizations. Contact them to arrange service now and get easy recycling and trash removal.

Same-day service for Trash Dump in Fayetteville NC is available when you call to arrange the pickup. A trained professional will come to your property and remove your junk within the same day. The cost for garbage removal is based on the type of junk and the size of your property. The company will also collect the yard waste, such as leaves.


A company that exhibits professionalism when it comes to hauling garbage in Fayetteville will ensure that your rubbish is removed professionally. When selecting a business to fulfill your needs, there are many things you should look out for. These suggestions will help you choose the most suitable company, whether you need a residential or commercial garbage pickup.


The Reliability of Grunt Life hauling at Trash Dump Fayettaville NC starts with its veteran-owned and operated company. They specialize in the removal of garbage and provide services for commercial and residential clients. Furniture and appliances that are not wanted could clutter your house, make it difficult to move, and even pose danger to your safety. To ensure the highest quality of service and reliability, Grunt Life Hauling employs only experienced employees capable of providing the necessary services.

Reliability is one of the most important factors that make any company successful. It should also be noted that this business has a proven track record of providing quality services for more than a decade. It is a nationally-respected company and is determined to exceed the expectations of its customers. In addition, it has earned an established reputation as the most reliable trash removal company in the area.


Fayetteville has an urban landfill located on Ann Street which can handle all its waste disposal needs. Residents can either use blue carts to recycle or drop off their trash in the garbage dump. Recycling is crucial because it reduces water and air pollution, as well as brings economic advantages. However, residents in Fayetteville should consider alternative options to keep their disposal costs low.

The trash collection for residential residents in Fayetteville currently costs residents around $25 per month. A hike of $82 could increase the cost to $190 per residential unit and eliminate a $4.6 million subsidy. Although taxes help fund the program, the city still receives $760,000 annually for debt service. Stormwater fees would increase by $4.25 each month, to $4.50 per month. This fee will be used for stormwater infrastructure upgrades within the city.

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