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5 Hacks for Insulated Cooler Bags You'll Love

Aug 12

5 Hacks for Insulated Cooler Bags You'll Love

I can see you putting on your winter coat, and staring at photos of the beach in summer last year. .... The winter season isn't yet over, but this doesn't mean we shouldn't imagine! Spring is coming up and that means that we can officially begin looking forward to spring! Our cooler bags with insulated insulation are ready to rock the streets of the spring, summer and beyond! They can also serve double the job all year long for food bags, and baggies for groceries that are insulated. If you're fortunate enough to be in a climate that is mild almost all of the time (sigh .... ) You can surely put these tricks to use right now!


That's right. Consider this: if you start with the bag warm in the beginning and then you lose ice to cool your actual cooler bag! It's logical, isn't it? If you're able to think ahead, you can throw some ice into the cooler in the days before to cool your cooler.


If you have more of ice that put into your cooler bag, the better off you'll end up in the end. Ice cubes smaller than those that come straight from the ice maker (or the bag from the corner retailer) will be more efficient but they'll also melt faster.

Additionally, if you're placing an ice cube in cooler bags it's best to keep it in a way that it doesn't melt and run throughout the bag (unless the bag is waterproof). Also, make sure to get the right, solid slabs to put in there. For those who want to buy bigger Ice...


Ice, that's right! One of our most-loved techniques involves filling balloons with water , then freeze them (yes it's a matter of prior planning) to form blocks. We envision a huge water balloon battle in the near future however, if you're not cool for this then filling Ziploc bags full of water can be used to make homemade block of ice. Also, you can freeze some water bottles. Do you have enough work? Have a few reusable ice blocks in your bag. 



The sun is scorching hot. Hot melts ice. This is an easy decision. Find shade to put in your cooler bag, or create your own by draped the towel, sleeping bag or even a blanket on top. This will keep the cooler cool for longer!


If you're truly in a bind, did not plan ahead or don't have frozen food on hand It's okay! Cover a large stack of paper around food (cold or hot!) before putting it in the cooler bag. It will not last for long however, it will serve as an insulation, keeping the air and moisture.

Do you have any thoughts? Have you got an idea for an insulated cooler bag hack that you have developed of your own? Tell us about it via the comment section below! We have the ideal cooler bag that is insulated for nearly every occasion! Lunch on the water? Lunchboxes for the office? Sending food to a loved one? Whatever you're hoping to accomplish this summer We've got the perfect bag for you!