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T-Shirt Printing Methods

Aug 17

Basic Guide for Promotional T-Shirt Printing and Customised Polo Shirts

If you've ever walked the 5k course or been to a basketball match, most likely you've a shirt with a logo in your closet somewhere. According to PPAI's 2018 Consumer Study, wearables are the most sought-after category of promotional products. But when it comes to wearables there's a wide array of options , making it challenging to select the best product for your company. This guide will help you take a step towards deciding on the right promotional clothing.


The t-shirt is perhaps the most well-known promotional item of all. From restaurant uniforms to giveaways at events, these shirts are perfect for a variety of uses. Since a t-shirt can be defined by its form - a T created from the body and arms The main distinctions in t-shirts boil down to the material.
The most commonly used fabric to be found in T-shirts. It's soft, cheap and comfortable suitable for everyday wear. One drawback to cotton t-shirts is that they tend to shrink following the first wash. This can be prevented by selecting a pre-shrunk cotton t-shirt.

Polyester is a man-made fiber used to make sport and performance tees. It's quick-drying and breathable. It is also wrinkle-resistant. Although polyester is an excellent choice for activewear it's generally not as soft and comfortable as natural fabrics.

Poly-cotton blends are typically made up of a 50/50 mix of cotton and polyester. They blend the best characteristics of both materials to create the most breathable and soft shirt. These t-shirts also are generally very affordable and are generally less expensive than a cotton 100% shirt.

Polo Shirts

Similar to t-shirts, polo shirts are an iconic style. Polo shirts are often used to dress in corporate uniforms and other events where you need something less casual than the typical shirt. Polo shirts are available in two designs that are based on the materials they're made out of. They are constructed of polyester or a blend of poly-cotton and are made to be wick moisture and quick drying to ensure maximum comfort during active environments. Polo shirts of the past are typically made up of cotton or dri fit. They come in long and short sleeves.

Button-Up T-shirts

Did you know there is a distinction between button-up shirts and button-down shirt? Like how all squares are rectangles , however there are some exceptions to this rule. all button-down shirts are also button-ups however, not all button-ups are button-downs. A button-up shirt can be defined as any shirt that is closed by a rows of buttons on the front. Button-down is a term used to describe the shirts that have two buttons for fastening an elongated collar on the shirt.

The major differences between the styles of button-ups boil down to formality. At the most formal end on the scale, there are button-ups that have double pockets on the front , and loose unstructured collars. On the other hand, there are business shirts with more rigid collars and cuffs constructed from a lighter poplin weave or cotton twill. At the more elegant side are the dress shirts. They are the tiniest of the button-ups as they are made to be worn with suits. They feature stiff collars. They could also come with collar stays that are metal or plastic pieces placed inside the collar to make it in place.

After you've mastered the basics and you're now able to pick the right apparel for your company's image. Whatever kind of promotional merchandise you're searching for, we've got hundreds of designs to meet your requirements! Contact us today to find out more.