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Umbrella Printing Singapore

Aug 31

Umbrella Printing Techniques Available in Singapore

The Aquaholic team is Singapore experts in printing your personal design on our premium custom umbrellas. When you purchase custom bulk umbrellas from us your slogan or logo is printed on the umbrella panels using any of the following printing techniques.

Screen Printing

It is the most popular method of printing on umbrellas, and the majority of the personalised corporate umbrellas you can find in town will be printed using screen printing. Screen printing is durable and ideal for the majority of simple, clean-cut logos that employ 1-2 solid colors. If your logo is more complex or colourful We recommend Full Colour Digital Transfer as the most effective option to customize your umbrella.

Full Colour Digital Transfer

Aquaholic is a brand that uses digital transfer when working with intricate logos, specifically ones with gradients or special methods of colouring. Digital transfer permits the details to be positioned on your umbrella, whereas screen printing is better suitable for basic designs. Similar to t-shirt transfer, umbrella designs can fade and peel over time if their surface is not cared for with care and dried out after every use in the sunlight.

Sublimation Direct Print

A cutting-edge technique offered by Aquaholic, sublimation involves the placement of your logo directly on the fabric. Although a variety of colors are possible to use for your logo, this method is only available for white umbrellas. Since a logo that is sublimated is a part of the fabric that makes up the umbrella it will not fade or be removed. Your logo will remain permanently embedded into the fabric of the umbrella.

Contact the friendly Aquaholic team to talk about the best umbrella printing method that is best for your promotional needs.