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Yoga Mat Printing Singapore

Sep 4

Custom Yoga Mats

Custom yoga mats have seen a boom in sales as the popularity of active lifestyles and home gyms continues to rise. These items are largely driven by U.S., U.K. and China consumption and align well with current health trends, including spiritual, physical, and mental.

Custom-Printed Yoga Mats

Full-Side Printing

The top side can be printed. This gives you more creative space than the mat's entire surface. You can express your creativity or connotative flair in any way you like, including artwork and messages.

No Minimum Order Size

Aquaholic Gifts will ensure that you don't have a room full of unsold inventory. With Aquaholic, you can sell custom yoga mat printing knowing that there won't be any minimum order.

Quality Construction

These yoga mat printing singapore can be made of synthetic thermoplastic foam. It is lightweight, well-insulated, and resistant to bacteria. These yoga mats can be expected to live a long and healthy life.

Yoga mats made from custom materials transform functional equipment into works of art

Custom yoga mat printing can be used to create a new tradition, add color to your routine, or make a profit. You can express your ideas, designs, messages or any other thing on them.

The Key Features

  • 100% Synthetic Thermoplastic Foam

Thermoplastic foam is antimicrobial and very easy to clean. This material is extremely comfortable and there are no worries about cold floors getting under your feet.

  • Large Size

These customized yoga mats measure 24x72x 0.25x. We are constantly looking for new sizes, partners and options.

  • Soft and plush material

You'll be more likely to use an item of equipment if you like it. It's worthwhile to choose a material that allows for better exercise, meditation, and stretching. There are fewer chances of getting stubbed or other minor injuries from the material's corners and edges.

Why sell custom yoga mats?

This is a great idea for three reasons.

  1. From a marketing standpoint, the yoga mat market is doing well. This trend will only continue to rise and more people are purchasing home gym equipment than ever before.
  2. These are high quality products. These are high-quality products. The foam material is soft on the feet and provides a great grip on slippery floors. Your design will always look clean because the sublimation printing can be extended to corners and sides.
  3. It's risk-free. Aquaholic makes it easy to manage inventory and worry less about logistics. Once you have published your custom yoga mat in Singapore, it is ready for sale. The customer pays all production and shipping costs. All other expenses are paid by the customer.