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Being a Personal Concierge in the Gig Economy

Sep 29

The gig economy is changing how we interact with service providers. Uber, Lyft and UberEATS are all new services. Many people are asking themselves the question: How will these gig services impact my personal concierge business? Do I need to be concerned?

What is the gig economy? states that a gig economy is one in which temporary positions are common and businesses contract with independent workers to provide short-term employment. In other terms, these are businesses that offer short-term jobs or 'gigs to individuals without any long-term contracts or the benefits of permanent employment.

Many gig-style services, like those mentioned above, are available via an app-based or online marketplace. Customers list jobs and people accept or bid on them, often at a very low price. These services are generally more affordable and easier to access. This type of job provides flexibility and additional income, so people are willing to offer their services.

What does this all mean for personal concierge?

As more flexible and affordable options are available, it appears that the need for personal concierge services will decrease. This could be true if your service is low-priced.

Apart from the concerns for these businesses, and the workers, in the wider community, as well as for the industry, I believe there is no reason for us to be worried. I believe that the rapid growth in gig economy will have potential benefits for personal concierge services.

What makes us different?

I don't believe that businesses in the gig economy should be considered directly competitors to our services. Our services are different from those in the "gig" economy. This will allow us to maintain a strong position on the market.

  • We offer personal services.
  • People get to know us and trust our expertise with their most personal tasks.
  • Many times, we have keys to their homes and can access them while we work.
  • Clients don't have to create and manage new jobs every time they need it. They can simply call or email our personal concierge.
  • We have access to a wide network of vendors and suppliers that we can use.
  • We save them time by coordinating everything, responding to all applicants, and being at home to meet people. Because all of this is bundled in our personal concierge service.

What are the benefits of the gig economy for personal concierge industries?

Are there any benefits to our industry? Yes. People will become more comfortable outsourcing their tasks and more likely to use our services. Businesses that work in this gig economy may not be right for everyone. Many clients will seek a better service that they can trust and use on an ongoing basis. If gig economy encourages our ideal clients to think about outsourcing and find ways to simplify their lives, they will undoubtedly discover the personal concierge industry, as well as the higher quality service we offer.

These marketplaces and apps are great for certain people. Personal concierge businesses offer more to their ideal clients than these apps and marketplaces can. We must make use of these opportunities and position ourselves to maximize the potential of the gig economy. This should encourage us to use the rapid technological developments that these businesses make to help us grow and strengthen our personal concierge business.


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