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Brisbane Music Rental Services Has Partnered With Us To Provide An Easy To Use Online Application Process

May 29

Binary Music can help you start your journey with the latest technology at a reasonable price. In partnership with Studio 19 Rentals, we now have a RENT NOW button on every product page that allows you to rent instruments and bundles online (subject to credit approval). Renting is flexible, easy and affordable!

Rent Student Instruments

Inspiring your child to begin their musical journey is an essential factor in their success in music classes at school. This is why we provide an rental program for instruments that combines high-quality instruments that are approved by educators with simple terms to meet your needs. Get started today! Select the instrument you want to purchase, pay the initial amount for the trial period, and select your delivery options. Then just make low monthly payments until your child decides to change or cancel the instrument.

String instruments include the violin, viola, and cello. String instruments are played by plucking or striking strings that are taut to produce different sounds.

Studio 19 has partnered with us to provide an easy-to use online application process. Rent any item on our site with the RENT now button. Most applications are processed in ten minutes. We also have a range of instruments and accessories for sale that are perfect for your young musician.

Rent an Instrument for Band

Rent the instrument of your dream. Binary Music has partnered with Studio19 Rentals to offer an easy rental program that won't break the bank. Select any product that has an option to rent-now under the price. Fill out the application online or in the store (subject approval of credit) and take your equipment home the same day.

Brass instruments are controlled by valves, slides and keys that change the pitch and length of the instrument. Rent trumpets and cornets as well as French horns and trombones from trusted brands such as Bach, Yamaha, and Eastman.

Stringed instruments can be played by striking strings or plucking them. String instruments are the backbone of quartets and orchestras. They are an excellent choice for students just starting out in their musical journey.

Rent Orchestral Instruments

Brisbane Music Rental Services lowest hire rates with delivery directly to your doorstep. The company is run by local music teachers, Perform Music Rentals is a convenient option to hire instruments for orchestra and school band for your child or student.

Stringed instruments include the violin, viola cello and double bass. When played with the help of the strings or bowing them, they produce a very different sound than woodwinds or brasswinds.

Sweetwater has partnered with Studio 19 Rentals in order to provide a simple rental program for instruments at a price that won't cost you a fortune. To begin, look for the"RENT-NOW" button beneath the price of each product on our site. When you've completed an online application (typically within the hour during office hours) and you'll be able to get to playing the gear of your dreams.

Percussion Instrument Rentals

The team at Perform Music Rentals are passionate about ensuring that families in South-East Queensland have access to affordable, quality musical instruments for hire. Their no-fuss hiring process, high-quality warranty and expert advice make renting percussion instruments convenient.

They offer the cheapest rental rates in Queensland for violins, cellos and violas (plus 3/4 double bass) and a wide range of orchestral woodwinds such as flutes, clarinets saxophones bassoons, and trumpets. All new instruments come with a case and bow, with the option of upgrading at anytime to larger sizes (subject availability). They have also partnered up with Yamaha's Rental Program which means that any instrument can be rented and later purchased during the minimum six-month rental period.