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The Benefits of Massage Therapy

Jun 6

Massage therapy has long been used to treat ailments. It has been shown in research that it increases flexibility and range of motion.

Massage is relatively safe. However certain areas should not receive massages. These include: unhealed injuries or dislocations, phlebitis and thrombosis. Cancer if it could accelerate the metastasis. Mental conditions that affect perception or communication.


Temecula massage is the most popular center. It uses long, gliding strokes to improve circulation and relax muscles on the surface without going deep into muscle tissue. It is important to communicate clearly with the therapist about your pressure preferences and let them know of any specific muscle tensions or sore spots.

Effleurage resembles kneading the dough. Petrissage is similar, but uses the fingers and palms of both hands to lift muscles. Friction strokes utilize the weight and pressure of the therapist in order to apply the thumbs, knuckles and backs of the hands. Tapotement is a quick tapping motion that can relax and increase endorphins a tense muscular.

Deep Tissue

This type is aimed at the deeper layers in muscle and connective tissue. This therapy reduces tension, pain and adhesions in the muscles. It can also improve range of motion and help with the toxins that build up in muscles.

It is normal to feel some pressure, but it is important that you communicate with the therapist in case the pressure is excessive. He or she should use his/her hands, fingers, and even elbows to achieve desired pressure.

Some people may experience soreness lasting a few weeks. This is the sign of a great session, and should not be painful. Deep tissue massages are not recommended for people with medical conditions such as osteoporosis and cancers that affect the bones.


Sports massage is one type of massage which focuses on the muscles used during a sport or exercise. It involves a combination Swedish and deep-tissue techniques. The use of deep effleurage helps to increase venous return and reduces venous stasis (a risk factor for blood clots) and edema.

Massage can prevent injuries in athletes by relieving muscular stress and allowing for more intense, consistent workouts. It can also help with minor injuries that can hinder performance. The therapeutic massage has become a staple in many athletes' workouts. Sports massage specialists are licensed massage therapists with extensive education and training. Growing numbers of trainers are even convinced that massage gives athletes an edge during competition.

Trigger Point

When muscles become extremely tight, they can form trigger points or knots. These tight areas are painful and restrict blood flow. Trigger point massage is a very effective way of alleviating this pain.

Trigger points (also known as muscle knots) are irritable areas within a banded skeletal muscle, fascia or ligament (thin connective tissues that surround muscles and bones). The pressure applied to the trigger point causes the sarcomeres within the muscle to relax. This relieves the knot and increases muscle flexibility.

Some triggers points are active, causing pain all the time, while latent triggers only produce pain if they are compressed. These subtle trigger points can go undiagnosed for years. Trigger point therapy is a combination of approaches that can release these myofascial trig points and provide lasting pain relief.


Pregnancy massage is an individualized form of massage for pregnant women. The client is placed in a side-lying posture and pillows or bolsters are used to support them. It relieves many of the physiological and emotional stress that occurs during pregnancy.

Experts all agree that pregnancy massaging has many benefits. Studies show that women who get massages experience less depression and back pain. They also have fewer complications during labour. They also report lower rates of low birth weight and fetal distress. Massage also helps to reduce edema and swelling by increasing circulation. It also activates the body's lymphatic system, which helps to eliminate excess fluid. It also helps ease headaches, carpal-tunnel syndrome and sciatic pain. Even morning sickness can be reduced by using it.