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What Does a Landscape Service Involve

Jun 12

Landscaping services include lawn care, flower gardening, weed control and shrub trimming. They can also involve irrigation system installation and maintenance, planting design and hardscape construction. Lawn Care Wilmington NC can improve the appearance of homes, increase their value and create a space for outdoor entertainment and recreation.

Some landscaping services are more complex and rework the entire exterior of a property, adding water features, fire pits, patios, garden walkways and stone walls. These projects transform outdoor spaces into tranquil, comfortable areas for relaxing and entertaining. Landscapers must have horticultural knowledge of trees, flowers and shrubs to make these designs, as well as the technical ability to build outdoor structures.

Generally, lawn care services include mowing and watering the grass, but can also include weed control, leaf blowing, mulch raking, tree trimming, and preparing the soil in fall and spring by thatching, aerating and seeding. During these times, the lawn is most likely to need fertilizer.

New Eco Landscapes is an environmentally-minded landscaping company that specializes in modern urban landscape design, build and maintenance. They work with residential and commercial clients across the city to create green spaces that are sustainable, beautiful and functional. They have years of experience in designing, installing and maintaining gardens, lawns, trees, shrubs, plants and retaining walls, as well as green roofs.

Lawn care is essential for a healthy, lush lawn. It includes regular mowing, weed control and lawn fertilization, but can also include soil testing, irrigation, aeration, seeding, deep root feeding for trees and shrubs and pest control. Lawns use up all the available nutrients in the soil, so it is important to add fertilizer on a regular basis. It is best to do this in the spring and fall, but summer feeding is acceptable for cool-season grasses.

Many professional landscapers offer a variety of services and can bundle them together for a discounted price. This works best for services that go hand-in-hand, such as sod installation and general maintenance. This allows the client to get everything done at once and encourages them to continue using the service in the future.

A quality lawn is a big selling point for homeowners and business owners, so ensuring it gets the attention it needs is a top priority for landscapers. A good lawn starts with a solid foundation, and that means establishing a healthy base through fertilization, soil testing, aeration, weed control and pest control. This is followed by a proper watering schedule to keep the lawn healthy and hydrated.

The final step in a great lawn is to protect it from the elements. A quality retaining wall, fence or gate can help with this, and should be built with the right materials for longevity and strength. This will protect the investment in the lawn and reduce the need for costly repairs over time. A well-maintained lawn will not only look attractive, but it will also reduce the amount of time that is spent on mowing and watering.