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Digital Signage for Pubs and Bars

Mar 16

Mandoe media provides digital advertising solutions that escalate customer engagement and provide a more effective alternative to traditional marketing methods. Their services include intelligent analytics that track the performance of campaigns and facilitate strategic decision-making.

Their products are easy to use and offer a high ROI. They also feature a centralized management system that can simplify content creation across multiple locations.


Hospitality uses digital signage to captivate audiences, share information, promote events and increase sales. Mandoe's intuitive software and hardware media players allow businesses to easily design, schedule and deploy signage in minutes.

Based in Sydney Australia, Mandoe was founded by a group of friends who wanted to make it easier for businesses to create and manage their own signage. Working together they created the first version of Mandoe - simple yet powerful software that allowed designs to be easily created and managed remotely.

The company believes that the digital signage industry is at a pivotal point where it can redefine how businesses communicate, engage and thrive in the era of customer experience. Mandoe bridges the gap between technology and storytelling, ensuring that a business can weave a cohesive visual narrative with their customers across their entire in-store digital touchpoints. Mandoe's solutions are designed to resonate with a multitude of industries, taking into consideration the unique nuances and demands of each sector.


Mandoe Media’s digital signage solutions help restaurants capture the attention of passersby, engage customers, and drive tangible business results. Their flagship offering, the Mandoe Studio, is a powerful yet intuitive platform that democratizes digital signage, enabling businesses of all types and sizes to create captivating visual narratives with the help of a library of free images, videos, and professionally-designed templates.

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We use Mandoe to display special offers, promotions, and other information on our instore screens. It’s easy to set up and the content can be changed in just a few clicks.


Digital signage is a great way to liven up a bar’s atmosphere. Displaying a screen wall of music videos, short influencer clips, or slideshows can instantly transform a space and create a party-like vibe. This can be especially effective during busy times when a bar needs to create an energetic and fun atmosphere to attract customers.

Using this product in high humidity, or exposing it to moisture, can cause damage to the device and/or accessories. Moreover, using the device and/or the power adapter with damaged cables or power outlets can lead to fire, electric shock or injury.

Steve Baxter is the founder of Mandoe Media, a digital signage company that provides end-to-end solutions that redefine how businesses engage their customers through captivating in-store experiences. With a revenue run rate of $12M, the Mandoe team is committed to helping small and medium businesses boost sales and improve customer experience. They do this by delivering innovative, affordable, and easy-to-use technology.


Boost sales in-store using digital signage to showcase new products, discounts and special offers. Share important safety information too - such as masks to use, hand sanitiser and capacity limits.

Mandoe Media is a global specialist in digital signage technology. We're thrilled to be partnering with TD SYNNEX, a recognized leader in the technology distribution landscape, to bring our innovative solutions to businesses across the US.

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