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Top 10 Oversized Cycling Sunglasses

May 4

If you’re a cyclist, chances are you have several pairs of sunglasses buried in your kit. That’s because cycling glasses perform a vital function that extends far beyond simply protecting your eyes from bugs and dust – they must fit securely without slippage on rough roads, resist fogging no matter how much you sweat, and be comfortable enough to wear all day long if you’re doing something as taxing as a multi-day stage race.

With the advent of new lens tints, lightweight frame materials, and interchangeable lenses that can be curved, there are now a huge number of options to consider when picking out a pair of sports sunglasses to take on your next ride. Choosing the right pair isn’t always easy, so we’ve rounded up 10 of the best cycling sunglasses that are designed to offer sound performance and good looks too.

Sport Sunglasses

Oversized cycling sunglasses are all the rage at the moment, and this trend has seen a host of new brands enter the market with their own takes on the larger visor style. Many of these have become popular because of their look and the fact that they can fit comfortably under a helmet. But they’re also a great choice for road riders who prefer to keep their eyes protected from the harsh glare of headlights and bright sunlight.

The oversized Koo Demos are big in both frame and lens size, but they still manage to offer a very clear field of vision that’s comparable to the POC Devour and 100% S3. They do sit quite far from your face, however, so they can get a little breezy, especially when riding in a hard tailwind. Thankfully they do have side venting that helps to reduce the effect of this, and swapping in and out the lenses is relatively simple.

Alba Optics says the Stratos aims to bring “iconic sunglasses shapes back to life”, and these big-lens sunglasses certainly deliver on this front. They’re a stylish option that offers very good optical clarity, particularly when using the photochromic version of the lens. In our tests they didn’t fog up and stayed in place no matter what the conditions were, and they’re available at an attractive price.

These aviator-style sunglasses from Outdoor Sunglasses are a smart pick for cyclists who want a premium pair that’s surprisingly affordable. They’re well made and look great, with a large mirrored lens that works exceptionally well in sunny conditions. The only downside is that they don’t have as many light-reactive features as some of the other models in our roundup, but they do have a comfortable fit and they stay put on your head when you’re riding over rough surfaces.

Chabanov helmed coordination and testing for this update, and he is no stranger to the world of cycling sunglasses having worn, lost, smashed and slashed countless pairs over the years while competing in professional cyclocross races, training for triathlons and marathons, and hitting the trails on his mountain bike. He’s also ridden century rides, completed three full Ironman distances and nearly 50 trail runs, and has a love for all things outdoor that involves sunshine.