6 chocolate recipes to share with these you’re keen on

If you are unsure how to express your love for your significant other, children, close friends, parents, or any other special person in your life, chocolate is a safe bet. Chocolate is the universal language of love and a language that we speak particularly fluently here at Marks Daily Apple.

We’ve put together six primal, paleo, and grain-free chocolate recipes for you to enjoy with the special people in your life without feeling guilty.

Dark chocolate hazelnut hearts

If you think chocolate making at home is too complicated, you will be surprised how easy this recipe is. Simply melt cocoa butter, then stir in cocoa powder and avocado oil with a little sweetener, and you are in chocolate heaven. What is really fun about making chocolate at home is experimenting with all sorts of flavors. Nuts, nut butters, coconut flakes and coconut butter, spices, dried fruits … the taste variations are endless.

However, this recipe is intended for purists who like dark chocolate with a hint of flavor. In this case, it is hazelnuts that go perfectly with chocolate.

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Chocolate peanut butter fat bombs

These little fat bombs are the perfect indulgence and a great way to increase the healthy fats in your diet while you are on keto. We used Primal Kitchen® peanut butter collagen here, but you can swap it out for some vanilla or chocolate varieties. Keep these fat bombs in the refrigerator or freezer to hold them tight. For a more chocolatier fat bomb, melt your favorite super or sugar-free chocolate and dip the tips of the chilled fat bombs into it. Dust with more collagen fuel and let cool down before enjoying.

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Grain-free fudgy brownies


Nutrients should always come first when eating keto, but there is nothing wrong with having goodies on hand when you make a conscious choice to enjoy something sweet. This recipe has it all – whole foods, earth-friendly ingredients to whip up a Primal Brownie batch … or a keto version. You’ll enjoy the rich texture and deep chocolate flavor without the typical sugar boost.

Tips: This recipe includes a base option sweetened with dates and a keto option sweetened with a granulated monk fruit sweetener. Feel free to use Swerve instead of the monk fruit. These brownies are particularly fudgy and taste even better after cooling down. We therefore strongly recommend letting them cool, slicing them, and then placing them in the refrigerator for a few hours or overnight before serving.

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Keto chocolate bacon

2 ingredients Keto Snack Chocolate Bacon

Why is this just a new invention?

You will likely have these two ingredients on hand in your kitchen most of the time. Very dark chocolate (90%) has a coffee-like bitterness that enhances all of the associated flavors, and what could be nicer than slightly sweet, salty, smoky bacon? You can grow the lily by adding toasted unsweetened coconuts or finely chopped nuts to the chocolate before it sets. However, we prefer to do this in pairs.

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Mini chocolate hazelnut tartlets

If you’re looking for a celebratory dessert, you’ve come to the right place. Rich, sleek, and decadent inside; crispy and nutty on the outside. The full effect? Nothing short of fabulous. Enjoy it after dinner as a small portion with coffee or treat yourself to the full pleasure of enjoying the full cake.

What we love about this recipe (among everything) is the customizable taste. Add espresso powder or a flavored extract like vanilla, orange, or peppermint for a bold and sweet taste.

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Dark chocolate Brazil nut and coconut bar

These dark chocolate coconut and Brazil nut bars are pretty to look at, easy to prepare, stay fresh for weeks, and are filled with healthy fats, flavanols and selenium. What more do you want from dessert?

The idea of ​​using a silicone ice cube tray to shape chocolate came from this dark chocolate snack recipe. If you pour warm chocolate into a small ice cube tray, you will get nicely shaped, nicely sized chocolate squares.

The possibilities here are endless. Any type of nut or seed, dried fruit, sea salt, spices like cinnamon or turmeric … they can all be used to enhance the taste of dark chocolate.

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