Bottoming: Positioned for Success

Remember: the floor is in control no matter what the imagination is or looks like.

Any sex position that the floor is in gives the floor more control over speed and angle of penetration.

The most logical position that promotes ease of deployment and the best chance of early success is the reverse cowboy. For those who don’t know, the reverse cowboy’s top is on his back. The bottom spans the top at the hips and is in front of the feet of the top. The position completely mimics the preferred doggy position, causing the buttocks to lean forward on the hips and arch their lower back slightly to make the position work. This position straightens the terminal end of the intestine and allows unhindered entry. This position gives the floor control over the entry speed.

take your time. The more experience you gain, the more you know your own timing and needs. Once everyone is in position, wait until you are completely ready to move. If you can squeeze your anal sphincter and relax your anal sphincter around your partner’s penis, then you have leeway and you’re good to go.

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