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Price: $ 199


Oxygen Magazine Review

The COBA Glute Trainer made exercising your buttocks and legs at home a breeze! It's super light and compact – so it's easy to use every day and store in small places (it can fit vertically in a locker). It is effective. You can feel the up and down of your rear chain. It's pretty unique too. Who would have thought that a board could do so much? You can squat, deadlift, lunge, hip thrust, donkey kick, hamstring curl, and more. Our expert loves versatility and enables a complete lower body workout with just one device.

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The Oxygen expert likes to start her training by activating her glutes with light resistance, concentrating on simple single movements and then switching to strong resistance for work sets that are compound movements for her. We recommend taking a look at the Workouts section on the COBA website to get a better idea of ​​how much this bad boy can do. There are so many ways to get a great lower body workout at home!

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Oxygen Elite Ambassador Reviews

COBRA Board Review Maricris

"As an online trainer, I have to provide progressive programming and suggest devices to my clients, so it's important to find multipurpose devices that will help them progress and become stronger.

After working with the COBA Glute Trainer, I am confident that it will be of value and effectiveness for my inexperienced clients as well as my advanced and advanced clients. For starters, it does what it says it does. You will immediately feel a stronger activation of the gluteal muscles in your movements. Setup is simple and easy to use with minimal parts. And more importantly, the placement of the bands doesn't make it uncomfortable while moving, which is sometimes a problem with using resistance bands. This makes it easy to advance or regress a movement based on an individual's needs. The COBA Glute Trainer allows beginners to focus on individual movements to build their training foundation, while advanced users can also enjoy compound movements. The resistance bands ensure even tension throughout your movement. This is very valuable as it automatically trusts clients to maintain full body tension throughout their movement. The COBA Glute Trainer is a great piece of equipment with a great workout library to challenge you! "

– –Maricris Lapaix

COBRA Board Review 2

Talk about a lower body burn! The COBA Glute Trainer is a great tool to use at home, in the gym, or in the park – essentially anywhere! It's easy to carry and has a variety of resistance bands that are diverse are exercises, options, and intensity of multiple lower body exercises.

I love that you can just go to their website to check the placement of your body and ligaments and do the exercises properly and effectively. It's a great, low-impact tool that is safe, yet challenging, and can be used by anyone regardless of your fitness level. "

– –Jacqueline Kasen

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