Different types of Medical Marijuana Products

What are the different types of Marijuana Products?

It has been available in many forms since the legalization of Medical Marijuana (Moscow ) in Missouri . There are so many options. It is almost like prescription drugs for medical marijuana patients. One size doesn’t always fit all. Let’s take a look at some medical marijuana varieties and how patients can reap the greatest benefits.

The Flower

Most commonly, it is a dried and cultivated cannabis flower that is rolled into a joint or packed into a pipe. There are many factors that affect the quality of marijuana. Patients who choose to use marijuana in this manner will see a variety of results.

Consuming medical marijuana in its flower form has both upsides and disadvantages. One of the benefits is the immediate release of cannabinoids into the bloodstream. The percentage of cannabinoids released into the body is greater than when they are consumed in other ways.

There are downsides to smoking marijuana. You will need special equipment such as a bong, pipe or rolling papers. Patients who smoke medical marijuana should also be aware that the benefits of smoking cannabis don’t last as long.


The edible form of medical marijuana is another popular way to get high. In the 1960’s, hippie fashion favored the idea of crushing marijuana into brownie batter. This allows the user to get high and satisfy the craving for snacking that is often associated with marijuana use. Cannabinoids can be found in many edible forms today, such as butter, chocolate, mints, and even baked goods like cookies, brownies, cakes, or cakes.

There are many upsides and downsides to this method of using medical marijuana. Patients who don’t like smoking can also have the option to consume edible forms of medical cannabis. This form does not require any special hardware and it is easy to know exactly how much cannabinoid is being consumed.


There are many downsides to medical marijuana. Many edibles contain sugar, artificial flavors and colors. Patients with diabetes or sensitive to artificial colors and ingredients are not likely to like these products. Patients who can tolerate these ingredients well may also be able to consume more calories. Patients with qualified medical conditions that require more immediate benefits may find it helpful to consider extending the time for edibles’ effectiveness.

Tinctures and Patches

A tincture or salve is a preferred way to consume medical marijuana for chronic pain and other conditions. These tinctures can directly be applied to the area of the problem. The dosage is also measured so that the patient knows exactly how much CBD they are taking.

To keep symptoms under control, you can use salves and tinctures as many times as necessary. However, it can take up 45 minutes for the first salves to become effective. This method is not fattening and your blood sugar will remain the same.

The use of patches can be used to continuously inject cannabinoids into bloodstreams. However, it can take between 30-45 minutes for patients feel the effects. The patch can be easily removed if the patient does not require the benefits.



THC-free capsules offer a safer way to consume cannabinoids. This is the easiest way to consume cannabinoids. The dosage is also measured which gives the patient added security.

NOTE To legally use medical cannabis in Missouri, you must get your Missouri medical cannabis card. Make an appointment with a Missouri-certified doctor to make legalization.

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