Get Some Z for Your V: A Valentine’s Ziggy Cup Sale

Happy Valentine’s Day! While most of us will be foregoing the expensive set menus this year, that doesn’t mean all your February 14th plans have to fly out the window. Cohabitating couples get to show off their creative culinary flair. In lockdown? Try a distanced Zoom date where you order each other delivery and watch When Harry Met Sally

Celebrating Valentine’s Day may look a little different this year, but you can still celebrate. But what do you do about the end of your Valentine’s evening when it coincides with your period?

Ain’t No Shame in the Period Sex Game

Period sex isn’t for everyone, but there’s no physiological reason not to. It’s all about your comfort level! Sometimes cramps and bloating means the only thing you want up close and personal with your pelvis is a hot water bottle. 

But if you do find period sex (or masturbation) is just the thing to make menstruation more bearable, your sheets shouldn’t have to suffer. Because while there are tips and tricks to remove period blood stains, it’s not something you want to have to deal with every month. Which is why we invented Ziggy Cup!

Just Check Out These Curves

Ziggy doesn’t look like the rest of our cups because it’s built to fit in your body differently. Rather than sitting in the lower part of your vagina to catch menstrual blood, it sits up high, at the very top of your vagina canal. It’s more like a flexible dish sits so high that it’s possible to insert something (like fingers, sex toys, tongues, penises, etc) into your vagina unobstructed.  Ziggy hangs out collecting your period blood while you enjoy whatever stimulation you’re in the mood for, mess‐free!

Enjoy 20% Off Ziggy for Valentine’s Day

To celebrate a day that gets us feeling more amorous, we’re giving you a sweet discount on Ziggy! Save 20% on your online order—and maybe stock up on some other goodies while you’re here! 

Still curious about what using Ziggy is really like? Read this story about someone trying Ziggy for the very first time!


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