How to go down safely and comfortably

For those of you who don’t know, the label “Bottom” refers to a man who participates in passive anal sex. A “top” is the active participant. There are many men who go into water like a duck never having a problem or getting injured and not understanding what all the fuss is about. On the other hand, there are many men who are interested in soil experience and cannot easily achieve their goals.

There are two main problems related to soil formation. First, how do I prepare for anal sex? Second, how do I keep myself clean down there so I can’t dirty myself and my partner. Both are very legitimate concerns and are discussed a lot in the community.

The general rule of thumb when preparing for the floor is to start small and work evenly and gradually. Any unnecessary muscle tension in and around your pelvis will not help. Make sure that you are relaxed and almost meditatively relaxed before you begin to physically expand your anal canal. Keep your breathing deep and slow and relax your abs.

Two very effective methods of anal dilation are the self-massage method and the dilator plug method.

The self-massage method was the subject of a recent study and was found to be very effective for anal dilation. Treatment only requires a finger and some lubricant. There is no need to spend money on equipment and no one will accidentally trip over your equipment if this is a problem for you. Here’s how to start.

  • The program runs for seven days, ten minutes in the morning and ten minutes in the afternoon.
  • On Day 1 and Day 2, simply smear an index finger and gently insert it into your anus until you feel the fingertip “jump” into the rectum. You will know that your finger is in the rectum as the pressure of the anal canal gives way and opens up to an area with significantly less pressure. Do not do anything else. Take a deep breath, actively relax your anus, and stay still for ten minutes. Repeat this step for ten minutes in the afternoon. Repeat this again the next day. This step does more than you think. It’s not a risk and you will learn a lot about your anus which will be invaluable later on.
  • On day 3, slowly move your entire finger in a small circular motion. As your anus relaxes, the circular motion may increase in diameter. Don’t rush it. This shouldn’t be painful or terribly uncomfortable if you take it slow and increase the diameter of the circular massage as much as possible. Repeat this step twice a day for ten minutes in the morning and evening. This phase of the anal dilation phase performs two tasks. First, relax and stretch the gentle, ever-expanding circles that your finger makes, the anal canal. Second, the massage prepares the skin on the inside of your anus for friction.

The dilator method is exactly what it sounds like. If you are a beginner, buying an anal dilation kit with butt plugs is a good idea. When purchasing the plugs, make sure that you get butt plugs with a long tapered head. This way you can carefully open your anal canal as the widest part of the plug will be inserted slowly. If your dilator resembles an actual penis, you will reach the full diameter of the dilator much faster, and a previously unexpanded anus is most likely not ready for such a rapid expansion.

The rule is to take your time with each connector. Don’t miss any size or dilation periods. Again, the reason is that not only are you stretching your anal canal, but you’re also preparing the inner anal skin for friction. The change takes time.

If your anus is very tight, each plug should be used every other day for two weeks. The days when you don’t use the plug are the days when your inner anal skin changes. If you are not that tight and the dilation isn’t much of an effort, daily dilation is fine. When using the connector, apply plenty of lubricant and insert it until you feel resistance. Do not push the plug directly into your anus. Carefully apply a quarter turn with each use. When you feel your anal canal adapt to the plug, carefully pull the plug out a little and, with a slight twist, gently push it forward into the next muscle resistance. Be gentle and do not squeeze pain. Some mild discomfort is not uncommon, but there is a big difference between mild discomfort and feeling pain just before an injury.

Some anal canals may be the same tightness all the way to the end. Some sphincters are tighter at the entrance and some are tighter at the end of the canal. If you take the time and know exactly what your anal canal feels like, it is almost impossible to harm yourself.

Let’s talk about blood for a moment. Don’t panic or call an ambulance if you notice some pink diffuse blood while cleaning up after a session. Even if you see an open streak of red blood on a toy, penis, or finger, try not to panic. It’s not uncommon to notice a small, limited amount of blood after sex or after sexual preparation. If you have pain in the area and bleeding continues, you need to see a doctor.

Dilation should be continued several times a week if you do not participate in regular bottoming and want to stay prepared for spontaneous sex.

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