How to train an older adult

Robert Linkul is the National Strength and Conditioning Associations (NSCA) 2012 Personal Trainer of the Year. Robert runs Be Stronger Fitness, a strength and conditioning facility focused on training an older clientele. With their skills and experience, Robert and his team are uniquely qualified to provide adequate strength training for the older adult.

You will focus on developing nine critical components of fitness:

  1. Muscle strength
  2. Muscular endurance
  3. Cardiovascular endurance
  4. coordination
  5. flexibility
  6. reaction time
  7. Change in body composition
  8. Power generation
  9. balance

This episode was a lot of fun!

We discuss the key similarities and differences to consider when training the older adult, such as: For example, defining an older adult, getting a customer buy-in, and testing to gauge your biological age and strength.

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