Keto Bacon and Egg Cup


The best recipe for keto bacon and egg cups

Bacon, bacon and more bacon

This page is dedicated to the best Keto Bacon and Egg Cup recipe on the internet. But before we tell you the delicious secrets of this recipe, let's stand back for a moment.

You may not believe me, but there are tons of delicious benefits on the ketogenic diet. And one of those benefits is eating lots of sweet, sweet bacon. We've heard of bacon "dangers" as they can cause high cholesterol, but no one ever seems to mention the benefits.

For example, did you know that bacon actually contains omega-3 fatty acids, which are the same nutrients found in fish? And it is precisely these fatty acids that protect the heart and ensure that it works properly. Bacon is also rich in a nutrient called choline. This nutrient is especially important for memory and intelligence, and scientists have even found that it can help ward off mental impairments like Alzheimer's disease. Amazing right?

Now that we've discovered the benefits of bacon, let's move on to the recipe.

Recipe benefits

What you should know about this delicious recipe is that it is full of the major protein keto dieters. This is not only due to the lack of sugary carbohydrates, but also because the main ingredients are bacon (you guessed it!), Eggs, and cheese. And just to let you know, it's next to impossible to find three ingredients that have as much protein as this one. For anyone trying to increase their fat intake while keeping their other macros low, these little cups are perfect.

We recommend eating these for breakfast as they can be made very quickly. For example, the entire recipe is just four steps, while our last step is just a tip to learn how to cook the eggs exactly how you like them. They're also perfect as a protein-rich snack if you're particularly starved in the morning or evening.

Although it takes 25 minutes to prepare, it takes 20 minutes to cook! Result! However, if you're always in a rush, you can boil and freeze these in bulk. You save so much time that you can then invest in more important activities like taking care of your children or extra free time! However, be careful if you want to recapture these. Make sure they are fully thawed and hot when you take them out of the oven. You can test the temperature with a kitchen utensil and avoid getting burned by eating it right away.

Nutritional information

Now for the statistics. These keto bacon and egg cups have 210 calories per cup and you get 15 grams of protein and 16 grams of fat. Even better, they're zero-carb which is just amazing for keto! It also makes them perfect for anyone who has dietary intolerances, such as gluten-free.

So what are you waiting for! You only need five minutes to prepare this dish, and then you can enjoy a delicious ketogenic snack, breakfast or brunch whenever you want. Wonderful? We think so too.


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