Koya Webb’s 2 Temper-Setting Playlists

Whether I’m working out or doing my daily yoga flow, listening to affirming, upbeat music is one of my favorite ways to raise my vibration and shift my feelings. When I listen to lyrics or sounds that align with the way I want to feel, it raises my energy immediately.

Listening to upbeat music is one of Koya Webb’s favorite ways to feel energized.

Choosing my music isn’t too methodical — it’s just based on how I want to feel, so that’s why I make sure I have various preselected playlists to choose from on any given day. Some of my playlists have lyrics, while some are simply instrumentals. For example, for my meditation and relaxation sessions, I find that instrumental music frees my mind and opens my heart to receive messages that I call “divine downloads.”

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Since I have several playlists, I rotate or ask friends and followers to recommend great playlists whenever I desire a change. Here are two examples for you to check out — one that’s simply instrumentals and the other has songs with lyrics. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!


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With Lyrics

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