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LED Light Therapy for Wrinkles: How Effective Is It?

Oct 26



Light therapy, which is simply shining the proper sorts and colors of light on your problem areas in the appropriate amount of time at the correct frequency to minimize wrinkles and other signs of aging, is one of the most simple and natural ways to treat your skin.

Although the use of LED light therapy for anti-aging might seem too good to be true, it has been scientifically proven to be effective. It's important to comprehend the details of using LED light therapy for wrinkles before you integrate it into your daily skincare routine.

Does LED light reduce wrinkles?

Studies have shown that infrared and red light treatments can enhance skin tone, diminish wrinkles and fine lines, and improve collagen density. As with all things you should be educated and make informed choices regarding which products and companies you should trust. FDA has approved reVive Laser Therapy(r) devices, which are clinically proven to be effective. With our anti-aging gadgets, we conducted research on clinical studies and discovered that 97 percent of customers noticed a decrease in wrinkles.

Alongside wrinkle reduction several participants mentioned:

  • Reduced skin discoloration and age spots

  • Improved skin tone

  • Eyes with less puffiness

  • Skin tone and texture have improved.

  • The levels of collagen and elastin have increased, which gives the skin more youthful-looking.

  • Although it may seem like magic, the research and the before-and-after photos prove that it's not.

What type of treatment with light is most efficient in the treatment of wrinkles?

The various light hues can have diverse impacts on the skin and some even help to reduce wrinkles.


  • The skin is penetrated by the light at a very low level. It promotes surface healing and helps reduce swelling, inflammation, and irritation.

  • Red light penetrates the skin 8-10mm, stimulating skin cells and allowing them to grow more quickly, which results in healthier skin cells. It has been proved that red light may stimulate collagen and elastin production, as well as cell renewal.

  • At 30-40mminfrared radiation penetrates the deepest into the skin, stimulating the cellular renewal process and reducing inflammation, which can aid in the reduction of wrinkles and the healing or repair of damaged tissue.

  • These light sources can provide anti-aging benefits. Although infrared and red light is typically associated with powerful anti-aging properties by adding amber light to the mix could result in skin that is overall healthier and more glowing.

How do you maximize the benefits of light therapy for wrinkles?

The LED light therapy device should be used on a daily basis, just like other treatments to get the best results. Maximize the benefits of your device by including it in your skincare routine and making sure that you apply it following cleansing your face. Light-blocking ingredients in sunscreen, cosmetics, and other products can cause LED light therapy to fail.


Combining light therapy with other skin products such as serums or extracts could speed up the process.


  • Vitamin C serum/moisturizer Vitamin C boosts collagen production and provides skin-brightening antioxidants and hydrates skin. This improves skin radiance, evens skin tone, and improves skin radiance. After your light treatment, apply Vitamin C serum or moisturizer. It is essential to allow sufficient space between each step in order for the serum to completely soak into your skin.

  • Retinol: Retinol, a powerful anti-aging ingredient can be used in conjunction with light therapy using lotions containing retinol and other products 5-10 minutes after using your device for light therapy.

  • Anti-aging serums and creams that aren't listed above: Argan oil and hyaluronic acids are all good ingredients to have in your routine for skincare.

  • You can also think about taking an approach to a holistic skin treatment that includes LED light therapy.

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