Life to Go pre-workout formulation

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Oxygen Magazine Review

Full disclosure: I'm a pre-workout wimp. Most of the formulas I've tried give me the wobbling movements and nervousness when I take the recommended dose. That's why I always start with half a dose, at most with caffeinated products.

That being said, I used half a scoop of strawberry kiwi flavor on the first day which was really tasty and didn't have the almost metallic bite that many other pre-workouts have. And even though it contains 30 milligrams of niacin, there hasn't been any itch or stain a mega dose of niacin can give off.

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My workout that first day was pretty solid, so I tried half a ball each of the next few days to see if I got consistent results. For the most part it was me, except for one night when I slept three hours in total; But not even an infusion of caffeine could have helped me that day.

Overall, the pre-workout life-to-go formula was a nice, even keeled drink, and I had neither big-eyed hyper-alertness nor the immediate need to run sixty miles a la Forrest Gump. However, the only thing I am questioning is this: The Apex Explosive Energy Blend contains Mucana Pruriens, a bean whose extracts have been best studied for effectiveness in treating Parkinson's disease and male infertility. (Things that make you, hmm …) Yes, the beans also contain L-Dopa, a precursor to dopamine, but if you exercise properly you should get that runner's high without one Bean is in sight.

Lara McGlashan, Editor-in-chief

Oxygen Elite Ambassador Reviews

Lindsay Walter

“I took one scoop of the pre-workout with 8 ounces of water (recommended amount) before a long run twice with each taste and I was delighted. Immediately I felt my energy levels increase and sustained throughout my workout, with no drop or crash of mine Intensity. After finishing my runs and lowering my heart rate again, I felt less tired and normal again from exercising as I continued my day. I prefer the strawberry and kiwi flavor more, but both taste great. When you use it shake a few times it goes down slightly with no lumps or extra left in the bottle. There was also no weird aftertaste. Overall, I liked the Life to Go pre-workout formula and would keep using it. It was an instant one Energy boost that was sustained during my workout. "

– –Lindsay Walter

Twanny Gomes De Sa.

"I loved the pre-workout life-to-go formula. I always struggled to find a good pre-workout that didn't contain sugar and tasted good at the same time. This one was great because it didn't contain all the dubious ingredients and the taste is more than delicious. I noticed a big difference in my energy level during my workout and during the day. I train and then work 10 hours a day – and on top of that, I'm a mother of four year old twins – so it's easy to feel that my energy is drained or sluggish during the day. After I started taking Life to Go before a workout, I felt much better, more focused and my workout was more energetic. I will definitely be back, can't wait for the strawberry -Kiwi flavor to try! "

– –Twanny Gomes De Sa.

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