Mindful menstruation

When it comes to menstruation and mindfulness, we sometimes see this as an impossible task. “How the hell can I calm my worried thoughts and mixed angry feelings during this time of the month?”

One thing we can assure you is that everything will be fine. When you enter our PMS phase, life can seem a bit chaotic and overwhelming.

This is all very well understood and cannot be taken for granted. You can’t expect to get on like you normally do once you’ve pumped staggering amounts of various hormones into your sensitive system. Who can blame you?

Every woman is unique and we all go on this wild journey called a life of its own. So don’t try to judge another woman’s menstrual journey or your own. We all have our own ways to go.

Here we give you some coping methods for dealing with your unbalanced hormones during this time of the month.

Try to see reality for what it is

During menstruation, our emotions are wild and may feel extremely heightened and under the pressure of the headlight. I / we like to see it as if I stepped out of my normal balanced self for this limited amount of time and that’s fine, this too will pass like everything in life, right?

The trick is to know that your general judgment is poor and not to take yourself too seriously.

Think of it like your life is a wonderful window and your period is a big, beautiful curtain that obscures your view and prevents your eyes from seeing reality for what it is.

Sometimes this can be quite frustrating. Remember that you are not your feelings and maybe during these times try to just let yourself flow and connect with your deepest, darkest self without judgment or fear.

Let go of any irrelevant thoughts that do not serve you, remove the distracting vail from your eyes and accept true reality for what it is.

Change your perspective

Another really good way to deal with menstrual mood swings is to try to notice when your mind has wandered into made-up stories in your mind. Just notice it. Avoid invalidating your feelings or thoughts. Just watch them go by.

There is a wonderful thought exercise inspired by headspace. Look at your mind as if it were a busy road full of traffic going both ways. Now imagine that every passing vehicle is a thought or a feeling as you, as a pedestrian, watch the traffic from the sidewalk.

If you run into the middle of the street now, you could get injured or scared. If you choose to chase a particular car, how does it help you other than tire you out? The same goes for your mind. Instead of trying to injure yourself in various ways, just watch the traffic go by with no unnecessary attachments.

Just sit down and look, maybe even try to appreciate all of the things that surround this street like trees, rivers, city lights or whatever you want to imagine around this busy street. Remember, during these intense menstrual periods, just watch and not commit or judge yourself.

Remember that everything will be fine, just breathe in and out, embrace the feeling, go through it and let go.

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