Penile dysmorphism

Penis dysmorphism is a very real mental disorder. Just as body dysmorphism affects the way we see our body, penile dysmorphism changes the reality of how we perceive our penis. Men who have this condition consider their penis to be unusually small to the point of Shame, humiliation and isolation. You generally avoid all sexual activity because of these feelings.

While it is perfectly normal for a man to wonder how he can measure up to other men, this condition goes way beyond that. No amount of evidence, evidence, or fact will change your belief that your penis is incredibly small. I had a young man who was convinced he had micropenis – even though his penis was over 6 inches long! We talked about penis sizes, looked at charts / graphs, looked at other normal penises – nothing would shake his belief that his penis was too small because it didn’t look like all the penises he saw in porn. Even when sex partners told him he was bigger than average, he didn’t believe them. It took several years of therapy and anti-anxiety medication to recover from this belief.

Brian Smith wrote a great article on this for Mel Magazine. He interviews a man who has suffered from penile dysmorphia for most of his life. Brian also speaks to several specialists, including myself, who are learning more about this not-so-unusual condition.

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