Poppies And Thyme Are Pleased To Announce The Addition Of A New Range Of Butterfly Designs And Letter Necklaces To Their Pendant Necklace Collection.

Paul and Natasha Easton, the owners of a family-owned business, Poppies and Thyme, are jubilant as they announce the expansion of new designs of the pendant necklace.

These new designs are a resultant product of a joint partnership between a premium quality graphic designer and a group of hardworking mothers based in the USA.

Mr Easton, the co-founder of Poppies and Thyme, in his interview, stated that he is very excited about this new and fascinating range of pendant necklaces and cute butterfly pendant necklaces. He said that Poppies and Thyme had created an affordable product, and on top of that, our wonderful customers are loving the product design as well.

He further added the icing on the cake by saying that the company has revised its shipping policy as they will now offer free shipping on most of their products. This step is equally appreciated by the customers.

Mr Easton further added that they are planning to make their pendant necklaces available on Amazon so that customers can easily buy online.

Apart from these breathtaking designs, there were several features that exceeded customers expectations. For instance, customers were pleased as they received the product in a custom gift-ready presentation box, which looked way may more eye-catching than the product pictures on the website.

Customers can make a custom order for their desired product to be in gold or stainless steel. Furthermore, customers can have customized engraving for their order, and the company creates every customized product in 2-3 days. This has been something that has be asked for by customers especially in the Initial letter pendant necklace designs.

Most importantly, these products are a source of contribution to the economy as they are prepared by hardworking mothers in the USA.

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Poppies and Thyme.

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