Pride: It’s about dignity

At first glance, the LGBTQIA + Pride celebrations that take place every June seem to be about vanity. As the rainbow flags and feather boas wave, the essence of pride lies a little deeper below the surface. Pride has to do with dignity. People of gender and sexual minorities must continue to speak out to gain the same recognition and rights that others in our country have had for centuries. There has been remarkable advances in the rights and advocacy of LGBTQIA +, but look no further than today’s headlines to see the struggle continues. While we display our uniqueness at Pride festivals and parades, this external presentation is a way to honor the more fundamental dignity of our identities and relationships.

In the maze we understand gay and bisexual men Because many of us are not only experienced doctors and clinicians, but also gay men ourselves. Instead of going to a doctor’s office and wondering if the doctor will judge you for having sex with other men, you can walk into our office and know that we are you, your relationship, and the sex you are having as valid and for whom it is worth fighting. With this in mind, we are now offering specialized sexual health services for gay and bisexual men. Put simply, your sexual health needs are different from those of straight men. Perhaps your erectile dysfunction means something different because you and your main partner are in an open relationship. Perhaps you are interested in improving your confidence and butt skills during anal sex. You may have put off talking about PrEP because you don’t quite believe your GP “gets” it. You certainly weren’t taught these things in sex education, and you don’t need to teach us about them to get the compassionate care you deserve.

Our therapist and sex educator can guide you through the complexities of dealing with your erectile dysfunction as part of your open relationship. Our pelvic floor physiotherapist can guide you through anal dilation exercises that you can practice at home so you can reach the floor safely and confidently. And while you’re here, talk to our nurse about STI tests and PrEP so you don’t have to make another appointment with your GP. Our medical director will also meet with you to put all of these parts of your treatment into one comprehensive plan. This team approach is a hallmark of the integrative, interdisciplinary treatment you will find at Maze and nowhere else. While you enjoy the festivities in June, take a little time to make an appointment with us or arrange a free telephone consultation. Let us help you celebrate your dignity and improve your sexual health. Happy pride!

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