This 60 second hack to getting your face masks in higher form goes viral on TikTok

Wearing a mask in public is basically (or at least it should be) the norm these days. But let's face it, surgical masks aren't perfect. Namely, they can have a loose fit and allow potentially infected particles to get to your nose and mouth.

Well, dentist Dr. Olivia Cuid has a problem with making surgical masks fit better over your face and it's awesome. (BTW: This can also work for cloth face masks.)

Cuid shared the hack in a TikTok that already had 395,000 views. With a surgical-style mask, "the sides of your face stay very outward," says Cuid. So she recommends this trick:

  • Fold your mask in half
  • Tie a knot with the ear loops on each side as close to the mask as possible
  • Open your mask
  • There is a small opening on the sides next to the ear loop. So tuck these under the ear loops on each side
  • Wear your (better fitting) mask

"In the absence of N95, this could be a good alternative," says Cuid, showing how well the mask fits on her face.

People were reluctant to comment. "Wait, this is so helpful, thanks for sharing !!" one wrote. "What a smart idea," said another. "Me and my pea head, thank you!" someone else interfered.

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Cuid's TikTok is already making the rounds. Katie Couric shared it on Instagram and Kristen Bell reposted it too.

BRB: I have to work on some masks …

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