Working with the Lunar Cycles

It’s plain to see that not only are we one with nature, we are nature. Humans, like any other animal, are a direct reflection of all the natural processes that keep this Earth spinning and turning.

The waves in the ocean ebb and flow with the cycling of the moon. Given that more than half of our body weight is water, it makes sense that the moon would have a similar effect on us. 

In the growing world of wellness, it’s important to have a variety of tools to choose from, so you can trial and error to see which ones work best for your life.

One that has been around for ages, yet is just now gaining traction in popular culture is working with the cycles of the moon to optimize your life.

Understanding lunar rotations gives you a head start in life. These celestial cycles can give you insight into when to plant metaphorical seeds when to go into hermit mode, and how the lunar cycles reflect your menstrual cycle. 

Back to Basics

Before getting into how to use the cycles of the moon to your advantage, first you have to understand just how it operates. 

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we? 

The first phase of the moon starts at the new moon. These nights are marked by bright stars and planets, without the glow of the moon, it’s their time to shine. 

As the moon grows it goes through a “waxing cycle”. Like a pregnant belly, the moon waxes bigger and bigger, until it reaches full term.

On this day, so lovingly known as the full moon day, the glowing orb is at its peak visibility, illuminating the night sky with its familiar glow. 

What comes up, must come down. As the moon moves away from its fullest point, and widdles back towards the beginning of its cycle, it’s in its “waning phase”.

Now that you know the basics, it’s time to take a look at how to use this technology to your advantage. 

Maximize Moon Magic

Are you hoping for a promotion? Willing a new love interest to come into your life? Hoping to clear away some cobwebs that have been lingering in your subconscious? 

Time to bring in that moon magic and up the ante on your manifestations. 

The dark new moon calls for hermit time. So grab your candles, light up your incense, and whip out your journal – it’s time to cast some spells. 

The darkest night of the month is the most potent time to plant the seeds of your desires. Curl up in your cozy cave, and journal freely about all of the intentions you wish to set for the next lunar cycle. 

Bury these intentions in your yard or set them ablaze in the fire. Do whatever feels ceremoniously in alignment with the life you are creating.

The next peak in the lunar cycle, the full moon, begs you to go out and be seen. Dance under its luminosity, as you light up in community, surrounding yourself with loved ones. This is the time to be with others, to come out and play just as the moon does. Let yourself shine and beam as creativity pours from your soul in art, poetry, and music.

For Your Health

Not only can the moon help you maximize your personal growth, it can also assist you in increasing your health and vitality. 

Health advice given in accordance to the lunar cycles dates back to ancient systems of medicine across the world from China, to Greece, to the Mayans, and beyond.

After you rest and recluse during the new moon, the waxing phase is the time to increase your nutritional intake. Think of it as a pregnant person who amps up the vitamins while they gestate. Same idea. If you have any vitamin or mineral deficiencies, this is the best time to help restore your reserves. 

Full moon comes and goes, and as it wanes, so might your appetite. The waning phase helps accelerate any detoxification process in the body. If you’ve been contemplating a juice or raw food cleanse, this is the time! Stock up on your fresh greens and goodies, and be prepared to shed some serious toxins. 

If you really want to get wild, you can try an at-home enema, which helps to detoxify the liver and improve circulation.

In addition to utilizing the phases of the moon, there are also certain “power days” that allow you to boost your immunity and cellular function by fasting. There are different kinds of fasting, which could mean water fast, juice fast, or days that you just eat especially light. 

According to ancient yogic technology, these days are the new moon, the fourth day (after the new moon), eleventh day, and the full moon.

Although there isn’t yet empirical data to back these up (outside of hundreds of years of anecdotal evidence), proponents of these practices claim that on these days, there are specific secretions from the glandular system, that allows certain hormones to promote further detoxification. 

Your Personal Lunar Cycle

It’s fairly common for a woman’s cycle to sink with that of the moon’s. Even if it’s not directly synced up, the phases represent the patterns that our lunar light wades through.

The beginning of your cycle starts with your period, akin to the new moon. Just like the moon, you may find yourself hiding away, nurturing, and tending to your personal needs. Take this time to rest, to think, and to make space for new seeds to be planted.

Roughly fourteen days later, during ovulation, you’re in your own personal full moon. Feeling fertile and fluid, you walk through crowds and light up the room, just as the moon does to the sky. This is the day when you might be feeling your sexiest, and there’s no hiding it!

Lovely Luna

Now that you know the basics, it’s time to put them into practice.

The longer you tune into these lunar cycles, the more apparent they become. Think of it as a biohacking tool, a free one at that!

Natasha’s passion for reproductive health began at age fourteen, when she was present for the birth of her youngest sister. Her incredible experiences as a birth doula, has given her hands on insight into the magical realm of birth, pregnancy, and all things in between. Her role as a birth worker, is her way of serving as an activist. She uses writing as a key educational tool for creating change in how we view reproductive health as a whole.

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